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Springtime for Hitler

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And now it’s…
Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Deutschland is happy and gay!
We’re marching to a faster pace
Look out, here comes the master race!
Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Rhineland’s a fine land once more!
Springtime for Hitler and Germany
Watch out, Europe
We’re going on tour!


Springtime for Hitler and Germany… Winter for Poland and France


Kommandant Oberst Wilhelm Klink

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Kommandant Oberst Wilhelm Klink is an old-line Luftwaffe officer of aristocratic (Junker) Prussian descent, and a social climber. He was born in Leipzig in the early 1890s, though he refers to Düsseldorf, where he attended the Gymnasium (high school) (graduating 43rd in his class), as his home town.After failing the entrance exams to study law or medicine, he received an appointment from Kaiser Wilhelm II to a military academy, through the influence of his uncle, the Bürgermeister’s barber, and graduated 95th in his class – the only one who has not risen to the rank of general. However, when questioned by Colonel Hogan, Colonel Klink admits that many of his higher-ranking classmates have been killed in action or shot by Hitler. The nearest he ever comes to General is when Hogan tricks the German General Staff into thinking Klink will be the General to repel the D Day invasion. When faced with a decision whether to move the German reserves to Normandy or not Klink can only order more champagne!

Colonel Klink had received the Citation of Merit-Second Class (fictitious) from General Stauffen during World War II. The general had visited Stalag 13 to get a briefcase from Hogan filled with explosives and a 30-minute timer in a plot to murder Adolf Hitler, all under the unsuspecting eyes of Klink. This is typical of the scenarios in which Hogan would entangle Colonel Klink, where Klink’s ego is used against him. The World War I Pickelhaube that sits on his desk is frequently played with by Hogan and his fellow prisoners to the constant annoyance of Colonel Klink. A third running gag is that Klink often forgets to give the Hitler Salute at the end of a phone call, usually asking “what’s that?” and then saying “Yes of course, Heil Hitler.”


General Hans Burkhalter

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General der Infanterie Albert Hans “Hansy” Burkhalter (Leon Askin) is Klink’s superior officer who frequently tires of Klink’s babbling and incompetence, often telling him to “shut up” and threatening to send him to the Russian Front. Burkhalter was mystified by Stalag 13’s perfect record, unable to make sense of it in combination with its Kommandant’s frequently-evidenced incompetence. Klink’s outstanding record at Stalag 13 was the primary reason for General Burkhalter never actually making good on any of his threats towards Klink. General Burkhalter’s confusion over Klink’s skill as a Kommandant when he appears to be an idiot in all other regards was a running gag in “Hogan’s Heroes”. Burkhalter affected to live a Spartan existence like a good German officer, but in reality, he loved the good life, even in war. He was scared to death of Mrs. Burkhalter (calling her “the highest authority in Germany”), testifying to this several times during the series and after Hogan managed to get a few photos of the general with very attractive women. As the series progressed, he suspected Hogan’s greater role at Stalag 13; however, in the end, Burkhalter, like the others, came to depend upon Hogan to get them out of trouble with the High Command when one scheme or the other ran off the tracks. Burkhalter is promoted from colonel to general by the High Command between the first and second episodes. His rank is equivalent to a lieutenant (three-star) general in the American forces.Image


Kriminalrat Wolfgang Hochstetter

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Kriminalrat (Major) Wolfgang Hochstetter (Howard Caine) of the Gestapo. Hochstetter is an ardent Nazi who never understands why Hogan is constantly allowed to barge into Klink’s office at will. Hochstetter frequently demands of Klink “Who is this man?” or “What is this man doing here?!” with increasing stridency. He is also noted for the many times he shouts “Baah!” at Klink or Hogan after his multiple failures. Klink is justifiably afraid of him, but Burkhalter, who despises Hochstetter just as Klink does, is not. In “War Takes a Holiday”, Hogan tricks Hochstetter into lending his car to several underground leaders (presented by Hogan as potential captains of industry), who use it to escape just as Hochstetter’s superiors arrive. Howard Caine played several other German officers in the show including Gestapo Kriminaldirektor (Colonel) Feldkamp before becoming Major Hochstetter. Throughout the series, the rank insignia on Hochstetter’s collar is that of a Kriminaldirektor (or Standartenführer in the SS) which was equivalent to Oberst (colonel) in the Wehrmacht—a major in the Gestapo would be a Kriminalrat (or Sturmbannführer if he is concurrently an SS officer).

what a Nazi!

"You are so gonna get it in the butt!"